Month: July 2021

Is Juvederm For You?

Juvederm and injectable fat transfers (liposuction) are commonly used for the treatment of face wrinkles and sagging skin. Injected filler is a firm, rubbery tissue implant injected into the subcutaneous skin at various depths to aid in filling in facial wrinkles and enhance facial features: restoring a more youthful look. Most of these facial wrinkle […]

Dysport Treatment

Dysport is one of the rarest forms of food poisoning that can affect humans. Botulinum toxin, a neurotoxin produced by the same bacterium Clostridia botulinum, is responsible for the paralyzing condition. It blocks the release of an amino-acid neurotransmitter called acetylcholine in the neuromuscular juncture, thereby causing flaccid paralysis, and sometimes, the disease botulism, which […]

Why Choose a Dermabrasion Facial?

Dermabrasion facials are a popular treatment method that can remove the signs of aging from the face. This type of facial uses the power of two water and oxygen sources in order to effectively exfoliate and soften the facial skin. It usually consists of exfoliating, cleansing or T-zone, intensive moisturizing, and hydrating the face. In […]

A Review of Four Procedures in Cosmetic Dermatology

Body contouring, often referred to as body sculpting, is a growing field that draws on the power of advanced technologies to reshape and rejuvenate entire bodies. Beautifully contoured by renowned authorities like Bruce E. Katz, MD, and Neil S. Sadick, MD., Body Contouring is an exciting brand new volume in the Procedures in Cosmetic Dermatology […]

Hydroquinone Treatment For Hyper-Pigmentation

Hyper-pigmentation is the common condition suffered by both men and women, wherein the skin pigment melanin is affected in a dramatic manner. The cause for hyper-pigmentation may be attributed to the genetic and hormonal influences that are present in a person’s body. This problem does not choose its victim and could appear at any age […]

What Is Hyaluronidase?

Well, one of only the most popular anti-wrinkle products any cosmetic clinic can stock these days is hyaluronidase. But just what exactly does hyaluronidase actually do? And why is that so important? Essentially, hyaluronidase and other injectable fillers work to stimulate the production of collagen in your skin. So, just what exactly are the benefits […]