Author: Tyler White

Has Anyone Tried Laser Hair Removal In India?

Laser hair removal is a cosmetic procedure where light energy is used to kill the pigment that causes your hair to grow. The process works by killing the melanin found in your skin cells. Melanin is also responsible for giving your skin color. When it is killed, the cells will stop growing and the hair […]

Have Rubber Bands Been Used As A Form Of Torture?

Have Rubber Bands Been Used As A Form Of Torture? Rubber bands have long been used as a form of emotional abuse. You can probably find pictures or images of rubber bands wrapped around fingers, wrists, elbows, wrists, ankles, and other painful areas of the body. Rubber bands have even been known to be used […]

Why is Laser Hair Removal So Expensive?

Why is Laser Hair Removal So Expensive? Why is laser hair removal so expensive? It is considered a luxury product and is not readily available through most local clinics. The best way to find out if you can get it done is to go online and search for “Laser hair removal prices” or “Laser hair […]

How Laser Chest Hair Removal Works

How Laser Chest Hair Removal Works Laser chest hair removal is a fast growing trend among men who are tired of having chest hair to worry about. If you enjoy keeping your chest hair neatly trimmed, shaving and waxing can be very time consuming, both in terms of time spent in the bathroom and discomfort […]

How Laser Hair Removal Works

How Laser Hair Removal Works Laser Hair Removal is a process of using light energy to remove unwanted body hair. When the light is excite by a pulsed laser, it breaks down the protein that comprises the hair follicle. There are four types of laser treatments available. These are: The initial procedure in the removal […]

Lase Acadamea – Is This the New Wind Turbine Craze?

Lase Acadamea – Is This the New Wind Turbine Craze? You’ve seen the advertisements on television, in magazines, and even on the radio. It’s a new fad that involves wind turbines for homes – Lase Acadamea? The name pretty much says it all. The product is marketed as being easy to assemble, so you can […]

How Can I Have Laser Hair Removal With A Sun Tan?

If you are asking this question, then it means that you are planning to get some sun tan in order to remove the unwanted hair on your body. The most common reason of people who wants to have a sun tan is to enhance their physical beauty. This is why some women apply sun tan […]

Laser Hair Removal Facts – Are They Fact Or Fiction?

Have you ever wondered about laser hair removal in Essex? If you have, then it is high time that you found out the truth behind this technology. What most people don’t know is that this process involves a fraction of the amount of energy required by electrolysis. Also known as microkeratome treatment, laser hair removal […]

Is Laser Treatment For Melasma Safe?

A relatively new medical procedure, laser treatment for melasma is gaining popularity. It is also known as the “mask of pregnancy.” As a woman’s hormone level peaks and troughs, this skin condition can become apparent. Although it is most often associated with women, it is sometimes mistaken for a side effect of birth control pills. […]

Does Plucking Have the Same Effect As Waxing?

If you are wondering if plucking one’s eyebrows can have the same effect as waxing, you probably haven’t heard of this common salon practice. Although many women think that waxing is the only way to remove their eyebrows, it turns out that plucking can also make their look much better than it was before. Why […]