A Belotero Can Make You Look Years Younger With Ease

Are you considering a treatment of the facial skin, using a Botox injection called the Belotero? If you are a person who wants to look younger, then the best treatment is a Botox treatment. It does wonders for your face and helps reduce the lines and wrinkles making you look younger. This type of injection uses botulinum toxin to paralyze the muscles that cause wrinkles to form on the facial skin. The Botox injected in the forehead works to reduce wrinkles that have already formed and prevent new ones from forming.


An average cost of a belotero treatment is $350 and this depends on the size of the treatment. In most cosmetic procedures, the amount of money charged is almost immediately recovered after the surgery. However, in a belotero, the amount of money paid will be delayed until the patient returns for his regular check-up and treatment. You need to take note that the delay in payment may result to having a higher than average recovery time. Usually, if the doctor says that there will be a longer recovery time, you have the guarantee that you will not get the full beauty benefits from the treatment.

The main reason why a belotero filler needs to be used is because it lasts for six months and you need to use it twice a year to maintain the same result. This means that you will not have to go through any stress during this period of healing and making sure that the wrinkles on your forehead are not coming back. You just need to remember to follow the doctor’s instructions and you should be fine. If you are a person who cannot do the procedure by yourself, then a skilled plastic surgeon can give you the injection right in front of your clinic. This type of treatment is usually cheaper than the regular one, so you would not have any problems finding the right surgeon for the job.