Does Plucking Have the Same Effect As Waxing?

If you are wondering if plucking one’s eyebrows can have the same effect as waxing, you probably haven’t heard of this common salon practice. Although many women think that waxing is the only way to remove their eyebrows, it turns out that plucking can also make their look much better than it was before. Why is plucking considered as good as waxing? Here are some of the reasons why plucking your eyebrows is much better than waxing.

Waxing involves inserting a hot wax into each individual hair follicle on your eyebrows. As the hot wax gets applied on the skin, it causes burning sensation that can sometimes hurt a bit. Eventually, with continued use, your eyebrows will start to look bushy and curly. This is the result of the trapped dirt and oil in the hair follicles. By plucking the hair out, you are effectively removing these dirt and oil traces that cause your eyebrow hairs to look uneven.

If you compare waxing and plucking, you will see that the former makes your eyebrow ridges less noticeable. However, if you compare both practices, you will realize that waxing takes longer to do. It can also cause severe irritation to your skin. It may be painful at first but you will be able to get used to the pain in no time once you realize that the removal of hair does not hurt at all.

Waxing is another temporary hair removal method. You can only achieve results for a few hours or days before you need to wax again. The effects are not permanent unlike plucking which gives long-lasting results. If you want to go for waxing, you have to choose a good technician who can properly remove your eyebrows. It is best to go to an experienced professional who knows how to properly wax your eyebrows without damaging them.

Waxing also messes up your skin and can damage it. Your face may also be dry and more prone to allergies after waxing. Some people experience a redness on their faces after waxing. This is normal and will subside once you stop waxing your eyebrows. This redness should go away after a few days or weeks.

Waxing is easier and faster to do than plucking. It can take a lot of time before you can get ready for it. Waxing can also be painful especially for beginners. It can take several sessions before you can feel the results. You have to follow the instructions carefully if you want to achieve best results from waxing. For more information on waxing, you can visit an online beauty clinic today.