Best Option to Avoid Infected Ingrown Hair – Laser Hair Removal

Best Option to Avoid Infected Ingrown Hair Laser Hair Removal

Best Option to Avoid Infected Ingrown Hair – Laser Hair Removal

The best option to avoid infected ingrown hair is to visit a professional plastic surgeon who specializes in treating such cases. When it comes to hair removal, the most popular procedure is laser hair removal. This is because it offers permanent results and it costs less than shaving or waxing. However, even after using the best equipment and receiving the best training, you may still develop an ingrown hair problem.

During the laser session, the laser energy passes through the upper layers of the skin, which are responsible for hair growth. But sometimes there are situations where the hair follicles get damaged. The damaged hair follicles may clump together and form a pore. Once a pore gets clogged, you may find that your hair grows in different directions instead of going straight down.

As the laser energy continues to travel through the skin, it may end up hitting the side of the follicle. Sometimes, the side of the follicle may get damaged and this leads to an ingrown hair problem. After the procedure is performed, the hair will be gone for good. However, if it wasn’t already removed, then it would be susceptible to infection.

Fortunately, it is possible to avoid having to go through the painful process of ingrown hair removal through other treatments. There are some over-the-counter treatments that can help minimize the appearance of ingrown hairs. For example, if you use an anti-fungal shampoo frequently, then you should see better results than if you simply use regular soap. Also, some anti-fungal creams are effective at reducing the appearance of blemishes as well as the hair that grows on them. For instance, Revitol AntiFungal Gel is one of the most popular anti-fungal creams out there.

Some people also opt for electrolysis as a way to avoid laser hair removal. This involves an electrical current being applied directly to unwanted hair. The current is designed to kill the root of the hair and any remaining follicles. However, this can prove to be quite painful and it can be more expensive than some other types of treatments.

However, the safest and most effective way to avoid infected ingrown hair is to use an epilator. An epilator is a tool that is specifically designed to cut hair with very limited movement. The result is that there are virtually no hairs that are left after the process. While it is best for people who do not want to deal with any pain during or after the laser hair removal process, it is certainly an option for those who would prefer to avoid any type of pain. This is the most common reason why this treatment is often the best option to avoid infected ingrown hair.