Facial Laser Hair Removal – Things to Know

facial laser hair removal

Facial Laser Hair Removal – Things to Know

When it comes to facial laser hair removal, you may be wondering whether it’s an option for you. The short answer is: YES! Laser facial hair removal treatment is perfectly done on virtually any region of your body, except for the eyes. (Blindness may pose a problem while undergoing laser facial hair removal, so always check with your doctor before proceeding with laser facial hair removing.) In fact, the facial area is probably one of the earliest regions to receive treatment. Whether you have a persistent facial hair growth on your chin or unsightly stubble on your brow, laser facial hair removal may be a solution that will help to eradicate your facial hair growth for good.

Two options remain for women who want to undergo facial laser hair removal: waxing and plucking six weeks in advance. Waxing involves pulling the hair out of your skin with tweezers, and then using a hot iron on the exposed roots to remove the unwanted hair. This procedure takes approximately two to three hours, and you might need up to six weeks in order to completely remove all of your unwanted facial hair. Waxing is relatively painful and there is the possibility that the heat applied to the roots of your hair’s can burn your skin. If you are uncomfortable with waxing or would prefer to avoid the possibility of burning your skin during this painful procedure, you may want to consider plucking six weeks in advance of going through waxing.

After receiving laser facial hair removal treatment, you may find yourself prone to excessive redness for a few days. This is perfectly normal and is to be expected. However, you should take care not to apply creams or gels containing alcohol to reduce the redness. In addition to reducing the redness, these products can also cause the redness to increase for several days after treatment. Therefore, you should allow your body to recover from the treatment before applying any creams or gels to eliminate any additional redness caused by these products.

One of the benefits associated with this laser hair removal on the face is an increased level of self-confidence. Women who choose to undergo this procedure typically report increased levels of self-esteem and greater feelings of femininity. Women may find themselves feeling more attractive, more confident, and less self-conscious about their appearance. Many women find they finally get the confidence to attend different social events with the men in their life.

Another benefit associated with facial laser hair removal on the face is an absence of pigment granulation, which can occur if waxing is performed without also plucking the hairs. This granulation is often the reason why men develop ingrown hairs and ingrown lip edges after waxing. With the use of this treatment, the hairs are permanently removed, reducing the possibility of ingrown hairs and improving the appearance of any imperfections on the skin. In addition to improved self-confidence, women may also notice a reduction in the number of pimples they have during the course of the treatment.

Although many people have experienced great results using this type of facial laser hair removal, some people do experience minor side effects such as mild burning or a slight redness at the treated area. In most cases, these side effects can be avoided if you follow the pre-treatment instructions given by your esthetician or beauty therapist. In addition to mild burning, your skin may also feel slightly irritated for a few hours after treatment. However, these side effects generally go away on their own. In rare cases, severe sunburn may occur. If this occurs, you should visit a doctor immediately to ensure that the problem does not worsen.