Non-Invasive Radio Frequency Facelift

If you’ve been researching options for a treatment to tighten skin on the face, one of the most interesting methods being tested right now involves radiofrequency facial exercises. This non-invasive treatment uses the principle of re-training the muscles to eliminate the appearance of facial wrinkles. The theory behind using radio frequency for facial tightening is that by creating more collagen, elastin and new cells in the facial region, the face will appear more youthful. Many of the people who have tried this method of facial tightening say it works well.

radiofrequency facial

Just like any other type of non-surgical skin tightening therapy, the radiofrequency facial tightening treatment is being done through the use of handpieces or electrodes. The theory behind the re-trained muscles is that over time the muscles sag and wrinkle and as a result, the skin’s surface loses its smoothness. Likewise, for radiofrequency facial exercises, a small handheld device emitting low radiofrequency energy is used over the treatment area.

Patients usually only feel a slight warm sensation, which they say is tolerable. Within a few weeks, patients usually notice an improvement in how their faces look and even report having more elasticity than before. How long do results last with this type of radiofrequency facial exercises? With repeated treatments, many patients report seeing significant results after four to six treatments. Are you thinking of trying this non-invasive skin tightening therapy?