Scultpra – A Better Alternative to Botox and Plastic Surgery

Scultpra is a formula of poly-L-glycolic acid, also known asholarrhic acid, that is an FDA-approved under the name ofholarrhicin. It was designed by Dr. Helen K. Zaltman, who held a position as a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and a Research Fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Her research studies the effect of chronic inflammation on the skin, and she found that, in certain areas of the face, it increased the production of collagen and elastin. She hoped to develop a skin cream or ointment that would improve facial wrinkles.


The major cosmetics companies had been trying for years to develop a collagen and elastin booster that would replace the inadequate quantities supplied by the natural loss of connective tissue in older skin, but their efforts were unsuccessful. They made some improvements with injections of synthetic fillers like hyaluronic acid, but these treatments were too painful and messy for many consumers, so they remained mainly a cosmetic treatment. The Zaltman formula, however, offers a way to increase facial volume without the risks of surgery. Scultpra’s unique delivery system provides a solution for reducing under-eye dark circles, removing spider veins, and filling in the lines and wrinkles on your face while keeping the collagen and elastin that provide your youthful appearance.

To begin the Scultpra therapy, you will be given a single scultpra injector in each area of your face. You will receive two single shots of the new collagen and elastin directly into the targeted area, approximately four weeks apart. After receiving the treatments, you will be instructed to avoid contact with the treated areas for several days. The treatments are performed in the comfort of your own home, so you don’t have to worry about embarrassing conversations with your medical professional.