What Is an Emotion Detox?


What Is an Emotion Detox?

What is Emotion Sculpting? The Emotions sculpting process, as explained by Craig Ballantyne, Ph.D., Emotional Intelligence developer and creator of the Emotional Intelligence logo is about tapping into what makes us feel good. This is done through Neuroplasticity. Basically, Neuroplasticity is the study of how people change as a result of stimulus. The more we are exposed to an emotion, the more we can learn to use it for ourselves and others.

Emotions sculpt, the Emotions sculpt process is really about tapping into what makes us feel good, regardless of what is going on around us. This process is really about how we can use that information and leverage it to treat ourselves better. Basically, Emotions sculpt uses high-frequency focused electromagnetic energy to trigger off what is known as supra-threshold contractions in our muscles. These are the contractions that cause you to arch your back when you laugh or lean forward when you get stressed out. These are all the result of your brain sending out the appropriate signals to your body.

These simulations are non-invasive and they do not require surgery. What emsculpt therapists focus on is the ability to control the quality of these muscle contractions, the quality of the pain and the duration of the pain-free intervals between them. In fact, some of the highest quality Emotions sculpt treatments can actually be done in the office, with the patient sitting in a chair. The therapist merely needs to focus on the frequency of the electrical pulses, the duration of them and the strength of the pulses themselves to bring about the desired result.

For the most part, this type of treatment is done at a clinic or spa, but we do know of some specialty clinics that specialize in the treatment of Emotional Detox. There are celebrities who have opted for this kind of treatment to help get rid of all those extra pounds, but it is really no surprise that everybody from the fitness gurus to the stay-at-home moms is lining up for the service. With so many people out there looking for a fat metabolism enhancer that is safe and effective at the same time, you are bound to get hit with an entire host of products that do not live up to their hype. Emotion Detox was one of those products that fell short of its marketing promises. It may have been too physically demanding for the average consumer, but the Emotional Detox still managed to garner a devoted following.

To what extent does the Emotion Detox treatment compare to other standard body contouring procedures? As far as the cold hard facts go, the comparison is not too great. For example, a standard liposuction procedure feels like a walk in the park to most people. You climb into the tub, you feel the gentle stretching of a warm belt across your body, you can see the plastic surgeon or the nurse standing by at the bottom of the tub, and you emerge a much thinner figure on the other side. This is because most people who undergo this procedure feel no pain whatsoever, nor do they feel any discomfort as a result of having their body sculpted.

A major difference between the Emotion Detox and a standard liposuction procedure is that with the latter, there is some pain, and it is also uncomfortable for the patient. The Emotional Detox has no pain, no discomfort, no swelling, and no need for sedation. It takes only a few minutes for the plastic surgeon or the nurse administering the procedure to give you the results, which are firm, healthy, flat, and toned. You can wear clothes you normally wear outside for a week after you have undergone the Emotional Detox, and it will still look and feel the same way as it did before you went in. This is one of the major advantages of using a product such as the Emsculpt. Unlike a standard contouring procedure, where there are risks associated with any type of cosmetic surgery, the Emsculpt is completely safe, gentle, and effective, and your skin will look and feel healthier than ever before.