What Is Coolscultping?

Cryolipolysis, or also called Coolsculpting is an innovative non-surgical cosmetic procedure that is utilized for mild to moderate weight loss. This process has gained much popularity in recent years because of its highly effective fat removal results, but this is not the first time that this technique has been used. Best coolscultping fat removal alternatives heavily promoted process works by applying extremely low temperatures directly to problem areas with a focused accuracy to cause cell death and melt away the unwanted fat.


For best results of coolscultping you will want to consult your personal doctor to discuss your case. Your doctor will assess your condition and determine if this procedure is right for you. The type of fat you have in your abdomen will be the basis of the coolscultping solution which your doctor will use. Some general coolscultping solutions work better with less stubborn fat while others are better able to work on more resistant localized fat deposits.

Many coolscultping centers offer private treatments for their patients. You can generally choose from an array of coolscultping solutions which are offered for either one or multiple areas of your body. Your treatment sessions will normally last between fifteen and forty minutes with the amount of time depending on the coolscultping center and your personal doctor. If you have any pre-existing health conditions you should inform your coolscultping provider before your first session in order to make sure that the treatment sessions are safe for you. Typically your treatment sessions will be supervised by your doctor to ensure you receive the best results.