Month: May 2021

Scultpra – A Better Alternative to Botox and Plastic Surgery

Scultpra is a formula of poly-L-glycolic acid, also known asholarrhic acid, that is an FDA-approved under the name ofholarrhicin. It was designed by Dr. Helen K. Zaltman, who held a position as a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and a Research Fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Her research studies the effect […]

Eating For Fat Reduction

The biggest question for fat loss is that of when should you start a fat loss program? And how fast do you want to lose those extra pounds, especially when all the fad diets are flying around the Internet and on television commercials? Many people have found a quick and easy way to lose weight […]

Lift & Dermaluxe – Ideal Anti Aging Skin Care Techniques

Lift & Dermaluxe – Ideal Anti Aging Skin Care Techniques Plump & Glow – Achieve the ultimate anti-aging skin rejuvenation using rejuvenating Alift, dermaluxe and ultra-plumping Contact high tech light touch-ups that rejuvenate and repair skin cells from below the surface up to 200% faster than traditional laser skin treatments! Revitalize your skin and just […]

How CO2 Laser Rejuvenation Can Help

How CO2 Laser Rejuvenation Can Help CO2 laser skin resurfacing is an innovative method of removing skin defects by use of a carbon dioxide laser (red light) and a tissue-selective laser (excimer laser). This treatment reduces wrinkles and improves facial appearance by eliminating sun spots, spider veins and age spots. It can be used on […]

The Venus Legacy System For a Natural Anti-Aging Treatment

What is Venus Legacy? Many women have at one time or another felt self-conscious about their appearance, particularly their appearance in the midsection. This is especially true for women who were born with genetics that predispose them to having cellulite or sagging skin. As women age, the tendency is for the skin to tighten and […]

Different Types of Acne Removal

Different Types of Acne Removal Acne removal is often a painful process, because the dead skin cells, oil and bacteria often block the pores causing infection and inflammation. The good news is that it can be treated easily and safely at home using topical creams, lotions, and sometimes antibiotics. If you have tried these acne […]

Effective Spider Vein Treatment

Effective Spider Vein Treatment Spider vein surgery is a surgical treatment, which gives patients a great deal of mental and physical advantages. By removing unsightly veins, you are able to feel better about your appearance. Wearing skirts or short shorts will never again be something to fear. In fact, you might even begin to look […]

Endymed Intensif – How it Works

Endymed Intensif – How it Works If you’re like millions of women, the idea of having a breast lift or breast augmentation would probably send you running to your nearest salon for consultations and treatments. Endymed Intensif has been approved by the FDA for use in enhancing your sagging breasts. Unlike other cosmetic treatments, Endymed […]

The Safe and Effective Photofacial

What is an IPL treatment? An IPL therapy is utilized to treat wrinkles, sun damage and stretch marks. IPL is sometimes referred to as photofacial and is usually offered in doctors offices and medical spas. Many treatments are offered to patients with both mild and deep facial wrinkles and sun damaged skin, which include but […]